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Hi Dave,


          Will it be sold seperate Dave or with the trailer and boxes ?,how does it fix on to the trailer anyway ?

Hows that Moffet and my Ford 7740 speacial ed  ;):D  coming along anyway Dave?

Must admit the TM190 wasn't my first choice or second to start with but it has grown on me.

Cheers Davie

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the tm 190 will be on the web page at a later date as it won't win the poll for the forum tractor, , the moffet is about finished and the other will be painted tomorrow or Monday , so should be in the post by mid week i hope will email and let you know..

the trailer will have it attached and will be sold with or without boxes , not decided yet


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another great bit of work there dave,can i ask does anyone why do they have the frames on them like that,and does it make it difficult to get the crates out when full,we don't see many spud fields down this way and those i have seen just use the normal root crop trailers,

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Think the frames are on there to stop the bruising of the potatoes when there coming from the harvester. It's quite a largish drop from the harvester to the bottom of the boxes so it slows it down. I think the yellow bits are sort of like tarpaulin although I am not totally sure. As for getting the boxes out I presume you just put the tines underneath and lift them out like a pallet. Or maybe the whole frame lifts off not sure.

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