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Questions's on MF 6140 tractors

Guest Fendt pwr

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Guest Fendt pwr

Hey forum,

I have a few questions on real MF 6140's and would be very gratefull if any of you could could help me shead some light on these tractor's.I've tried looking around the net but did'nt have much luck so I thought I'd ask here afther all some of the guy's on here seem to know there massey tractors well. 8)

Q1...Could you buy a 6140 in 2wd?

Q2...What was the top road speed in this tractor?

Q3...What gear range do these tractor's have eg:power shift or a box like the awsome MF 399

Q4...What was the max lift cap on the rear hitch?

Thanks for any help

fendt pwr.

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i can't help with the last few questions fendt,but i do know they did a 2wd drive version as the local council still uses one to cut the playing fields,hope that helps a bit

yep they did, saw one last week in kings lynn while doing a level survey....bloody thing cut the grass we had just marked up!! :D :D :D

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Data for the 6150 anyway

Massey Ferguson



Manufactured: 1995 - 1998

Cost: (US Dollars) $47800 (1998)


PTO (HP): 86


Fuel: diesel - turbo

Cylinders: 4

Displacement (ci): 244

Manufacturer: Perkins


Forward: 16


MFWD: optional


Fuel (Gal): 42

Cooling (Qt): 18


Category: II

Lift (lbs): 7000

Power Take-off (PTO):

Type: independent

Speeds (RPM): 540,1000


Type: open

Capacity (gal): 15.9

Flow (gpm): 14.9

Outlets: 2


Front: 10.00-16

Rear: 18.4R-34


Weight (pounds): 11500

Wheelbase (inches): 101

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