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Richard Western

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thats some hum dinger of a trailer mate, weird tris should mention class colours, as i have lots of pics i took at the cornwall show of a class western trailer they had on display, just incase i fancyed doing one, it was a model spf12 if that helps, black letter on each side at the rear end, think it was on the yellow one someone else had on display to

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Thats what I have used on one of my AS trailers. What did you use to fasten them to the axles? What brand of glue if you used glue? Did you make new axles?

I used 2.4mm brass rod from the local shop.  I use rocket super glues, if you make it a push fit into the wheel, you only need a little dab.  I'll take a photo of the just the chassis and axels when i get home.

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can you get that 'rocket super glue' from most shops???, it is beter than loctite superglue? ???

I rate better than loctite as it comes in 3 grades aswell, thin, medium and thick(gap filler).  I can get nozzels from work fit the tops so i apply locally.

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