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grain auger

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old mr numpty here forgot a few bits he needed today for his shed, and was bored when he got home, so knocked this up, been meaning to do one for a while now, is based on the one the farm had for the large internal silos they had in the barns, height adjustable and all out of gash bits of plasti strt/tube, on a old set of britains front wheels,prob is i need a eletric motor to mount to the top, as it was eletric, anyone got any ideas for one ??? please need some help with this one



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nice work Sean ;D ;D, FP is right, fyson one would look good!!....now i can ask you nicely to make me one so i dont have to....been thinking about it for a few months now :D :D :D

i have some plastruct, let me know what you need ;D

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we had the blower type on the farm where i worked  on electric

you used to push and hold the leaver down for 15 seconds then lift the leaver

right up then the motor would realy speed up not to hot on electrics to know the

on off system that was ah and then you would open a vent on the end  of the blower

this would blow into the mill acros the yard or into the silo at harvest

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Just a thought TM, if you are struggling for the Fyson motor why not try a piece of the dowel you get to peg together flat packed furniture, you can buy them by the bag from most DIY shops I would have thought and they have grooves in the side so would resemble a motor.  ;)

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I can't see diddley squat Monkey. . . Anyone got any 9 - 5 jobs going with pc internet access?!

:D :D :D :D - Can you live on the minimum wage Tris  ??? - If YES... then the job is yours... and we'll ste that farm of yours up on my table...

It does look good mate... You don't need to see it... sufficed to say... old Mr P has done it again  ::);D

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