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OK we all have small sacrifices to make when doing conversions

so what would you use for a clean cut when cutting a pice of diecast

i want to cut the back end off

the yellow lines are where i want to cut

i have a dremel saw and a razor hand saw would you use these or something else?

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personally i use an angle grinder to cut my diecast, takes asteady hand especially when doing my trailers,but makes it look like a hot knife through butter, not sure whats inside those ertl chassis but it may be worth investigateing first, as if you want to cast it may take a whole lot of resin to do it  personally leave the arches on, less holes to fill for the mould and easier to cut of if you want them for another floopan /convo,

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yea i will leave them on im doing a MF 595 rear end aswell for other prodjects but that is simple to do as its no floor pan aswell just the gear and axels so i willo do the MF casting myself but as for the rest im confuzzeld

off to my workshop /kitchen  he he he

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