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volvo bulker & scania artic tipper ,(reposted )

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Nice one Drive!!! Don;t like the way F-P is waving that stick at me. ..

"He's gonna have my pant's doooooown!!!!!!!!!"

Nice work, can see what you mean't about the length of the artic now mate, she is a tad long isn't she but if you shorten it it will exagerate the slope  :-\ So I would leave it as it is. They both look dandy to me buddy. :) :)

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steve , this is a 5 stage ram , the end of the ram is attatched to a top sleeve ,the bottom of the sleeve is bolted to the body via a hinged collar to allow the ram to articulate slightly

at the bottom of the ram is the oil reservoir, attatched to the chassis by two brackets for it to pivot. the two pieces of metalunder the brackets are not to build the height up ,but are weigh sensors for the onboard weigher

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for the bussiness part of the lorry , here is the blower unit (blue) housed between the chassis rails & under the air reservoirs . if i can get to one pipe distance away from the bin this blower will rattle off 10T of cattle nuts in 15 mins , unfortunately deliveries like this are very few & far between :(

next is the reverse unit for the vacum box to allow the  truck to be used as a sucker ,to empty bins of stale or contaminated feed

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the pipe on the left is from the blower unit & the right one is for the vacum unit

second pic is all the gubbins underneath , here you see the pipe conected for blowing , but on the right is the pipe used to suck & fill the vacum box & back into the lorry body , the levers are to controll everything , the only bad thing about this lorry is that there is no means of tipping the body from the rear.

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the vac system isn't a self powered unit on here jas , by switching a couple of taps on the rear of the discharger the bolwer pressure is diverted to the reverse unit where it drives an impeller to create suction , there is a box in the rear of the lorry which is basically a giant hoover system.

unlike a vacum tanker which relies on the diminishing air to pull liquids , this needs needs to pull inconsistant solids, on the picture above there are three small pull-push buttons  above the long blower levers , thse are connected to air operated valves to controll which compartment the waste or contaminated feed goes into , the last time i opperated this particular unit was on an ERF chassis about 5 years ago .

chicken feed was is a regular vacum service as the young poults have a starter chick meal ,main fattening meal & a finishing meal,  the chickens may well be taken before the finishing meal has been used ,so this lorry would be used to empty the bin so that the chick meal could be delivered .

many mills  now have a piggy back vacum unit , this cuts out the need to have a vacum box in the body so as long as a bulker has the brackets to take it the sucker unit can be hooked onto any vehicle

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