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Construction to VP Farms for 2007


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I've been kinda quiet for a while on here, but with school and work taking up my whole life, I don't have much choice.  This week is finals, but I decided to take some time from studying to relax and work on my display.  The old field is gone.  A new field will be built hopefully next week.  I have taken a lot of suggestions and ideas and melded them into my new display in the works.

First off, a new pole shed for storing equipment thats not in use.



After some Paint.



Next up, the grain bin system has gone back up.  I found another bin set the other day when me and a friend went toy hunting. Decided to paint them silver to make them look more realistic.


While I was outside waiting for paint to dry, I decided to have a little fun.



And now the finished result.  This will be an offsite storage for unused equipment and for the grain system. Thanks for the idea Mississippi Man.  I also added homemade power poles for detail.


Finished pole shed with equipment parked in it.





Thanks for looking.

Questions/Comments Welcome

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could be wrong dan , but i think they were bought , F-P had some bought in but were quite pricey as i remember , matter of fact i think nath bought them all  :D :D :D

?15 each they were ;) ;)

just 3 sections on them

nice work DPH!!!!

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Three of the bins are the ertl ones, the tower and two large bins are from Standi.  I painted them silver to make them look better. 

Thanks for all the comments.

Hi, what scale are you working David? 1/64? Looks great!  :)

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