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flat pack tractors

1/32 farmer

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Got it now... What a cracking marketing idea to put up a list of "your nearest owners" - they must be confident of their product to do that as well... and the fact you get more discount the further you are away from the nearest model  :o

What a unique idea... I bet it works as well  ;)

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They do seem quite popular, always being advertised in ' smallholding ' magazine and had their own article in Classic Tractor a while back. And i visited a ploughing match a while back and they had a huge marque in the middle of Massey Ferguson and John Deere ...... don't seem that bad to me.

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Was reading this bit, and its true....

How near are you to a Siromer Tractor?

Siromer has now sold 1000 tractors throughout the UK.

We are confident that wherever you are in England or Wales

you are within 20 miles of a Siromer tractor,

normally closer than 10 miles as the crow flies.

Even in the Scottish Highlands and Islands, most often you are not much further than this.

...well for me anyway, theres five in less than 10 miles around me and one about 500yds from where I am now?!!!!

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Even one on your doorstep Sparrowlegs!! Can you find it?

Seriously though, a few years ago I was involved with Massey Ferguson compact tractors and they came in wooden crates the same. I remember them coming in 20ft containers, but the wheels came seperatly. This was I think so that you could choose as we used to put them in sets (as to spec etc).

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