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Claas coloured Mog

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Thanks for the comments guys ,I have actually made several versions ,this one green body /white chassis/red wheels, all green/black wheels, and all green/red wheels, I also did one recently in yellow with a green tipper and a drum winch(will post some pics of this shortly) the paint I use is standard Halfords tin spray paint,the green is Rover Applejack,as near a claas green as I could get,and the white colour is Vauxhall glacier white,primer is white metal primer ,(PS thanks to Dave Purdue for the spraying tecnique tips) all tins are about?4.99 each but look out for Halfords special offers ,sometimes they do a 3 for 2 offer,onto the decals ,they are waterslide decals purchased ,believe it or not ,off e-bay,I bought a job lot of waterslide decals form a guy who was selling up and managed to bag a bargain lot.thanks again for the comments ,I will be posting some more of my conversions soon .rgds Kev



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Cheers again for the comments I am due to go back to my workshop over next few days before I return to my day job on the 11th,so much you can do with the Britains Mog,I also have other projects on ,including ford 4600 four, 595 4wd, county 1884 with floaties, to name a few, all for the same guy ,so look out for more pics soon ,and meanwhile ,here is another colour variant of the classic Mog.



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