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Silage 2007 competition for fun! - (05.05.07 to 01.07.07) - Entries here please!


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Here are some Rules and Guidlines for the competition

Silage 2007 competition for fun

1. Each person is allowed a maximum of 1 entry in each section, more if you have different Eras', the sections are:

Section 1: Self Propelled Forage Harvester Outfits (70's, 80's 90's and current)

Section 2: Wagons and trailed forage harvesters (70's, 80's 90's and current)

Section 3: Baled Silage and hay etc (70's, 80's 90's and current)

Please title your posts

Silage 2007 - Self Propelled Forage Harvester Outfits - XX's (where XX is the era number)

If the topic becomes 'congested' we will split it into relevant sections

That way we an split easier :) :)

Each entry can contain a maximum of 8 photos.

2. All photos must be uploaded at the same time. No 'reserving' slots for future photos. Any reseved slots will be deleted and you may be disqualified

3. A seperate section will be made "in this board" to allow people to comment on the entries but any OT posts under this title, other then the entries will be deleted.

4. Once all the entries have been received a poll will be created, where each member has one vote. There will be no prize for the winner, this is just for fun

5. When submitting an entry you should first indicate how many acres your outfit works on and try to match the machinery used with the workload......... KEEP IT REALISTIC PLEASE

6. The competition wil run until July 1st, when a poll will then be created for voting. This will last for 14 days

Happy posting! ;D ;D ;D ;D ;D

FTF reserve the right to amend the rules at any time without notification

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Here we go it's early 1970s, late June and it's silage making time. The farm over the last few years has been relying very much it's hay crop, but dairy farming has moved on and it's all about milk yeilds, so to improve the milk yeilds over Winter the farm this year is cutting 45 acres of silage. It should take about 3 days to do the job.

we have a Ford Force 5000 and Ford Super Major 5000 drawing in, with a new Ford Force 5000 on the double chop claas pick-up harvester. Just finishing up a 7acre field



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Well it's present day and the farm is a modern outfit with 208 milkers and 70 dry stock. The dairy herd is fed on a diet of grass silage, maize silage and wholecrop. The first cut is the biggest with over 100 acres cut for grass silage.

A contractor is used to cut the silage, his kit is made up of 3 Fendt Vario 818s drawing a mix of Redrock and Kane trailers.

The mowing is done by a Krone BigM with  Fendt 920 raking with a 50ft Krone rake the high hp of the 920 insures that the rake can keep up with the BigM and the Claas 900 speedstar harvester..On the pit a Fendt 615 favorit lsa puts up the grass and a JCB 416 Rolls the pit.



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Ok, this is my first attempt at a setup, hard to follow Garret ha ha! here goes ha ha!

I have no farm setup made yet, so sticking with Carpet Farming.

The pics below shows the following fleet:

Claas 880 Harvester

JD 7930 on Kane 14T Trailer

JD 7920 on Redrock 14T Trailer

Mc Cormick MX175 on Fraser 14T Trailer

Claas Ares 836 with a Kuhn FC 303 Mower

JCB 416 on Buckrake


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The boys at Elsage Farm cut their first 45 acres of chopped silage, over the last week. The farm in total is 220 acres of pasture, for a herd of 190 beef cattle. They make a total of approximatly 100 acres of silage and hay every year for the winter, 55 of which is chopped and 45 is baled, later on in June. :);) ;)

Firstly, the farms MTX 175 and Kuhn FC 303 Mower Conditioner pulled into the field and started mowing, until the driver pulled the mower straight over an old set of chain harrows, that were left in the field by some halfwit earlier on in the year! >:( >:(::)


So the farmer got straight on the blower to the local contractor who the next day came in with his Krone Big M and made very light work of it.....


Two days later, the farms JD 6920 with the brand new Krone rake....



Behind the rake was the farms Claas SP 880 chopper, with the Claas 657 Ares with matching Claas Trailer.....


Also drawing was the farms McCormick ZTX 280 with a hired-in 14 ton K-two trailer......


Filled trailers.....


Fleet line-up at the end of the week, after the job was a gooden......


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massey man and cowboy contracts run a mixture of new holland,johndeere and massey tractors and lift around 5000 acres of grass silage in a good season,mowing is carried out by a krone big m and two deeres 6920s and 6820 with kevernland and johndeere trailed mowers with autoswathers,raking into 30ft swards for the harvester with a 7840 new holland ford and fella 30ft rake then lifting with a nh fx60,carting today are 2 6290s with 14ton kanes,2 7480s with 14ton kanes and a nh tm155 with 14ton redrock,a jcb 414 buckrakes all the silage and when needed a double wheeled 90 90 fiat helps out,plans for this season included a second self propelled,brand new 416 for clamp duties,a set of butterfly mowers and a couple more trailers  :o



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