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My Farm from Germany

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im new here, my name is Andreas and I come from Paderborn, in Germany.

Last year I start to build a farm, when I was I child I spent nearly all my time on this farm. I try to do my best, to make the farm perfect.

Here are some pics, I have 4 tractor's (sorry don't know if this is the right word, it's a long time ago, when I speak and wrote english, please excuse me), all the 4 are Renault.

Hope you enjoy my farm, you find many many more pictures on my homepage: www.fendt-626.de.tl (would be nice if you write in my guestbook)

s329zk1.th.jpg  s328ni4.th.jpg s327dy4.th.jpg

s236hq6.th.jpg  s317nx8.th.jpg s317nx8.th.jpg







The stable for my cows at night







Here is the original:

p1000153hz2.th.jpg  p1000157fp4.th.jpg

Would be nice if you give me some feedback,

please excuse my english, hope will be better in the future

Greetings from Germany,


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na dann mal nabend andreas.(sorry guys for the german)  ;D

translation= hi andreas great to see you here ;) ;)

andreas is one of the best display builder i know in germany.the details the layout everything looks awesome.

by the way he comes up from trino`s ;):D

thanks for the pics of your display and may you will got a lot of responds and tips/help in here. the forum family is superb here. ;D

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As GreenSheetAndYellowRims said -

na dann mal nabend Andreas. Thought I would give it a go to welcome another foreign friend to the Forum. Glad you signed up, I hope you like it here. Thank you for sharing the photos with us. Your diorama looks very very nice.

Gretz, Tris.


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hi very nice display there.  i don't live that far from you mate i live in gutersloh and sometimes use the model shop in paderborn for materials. sorry i don't speak german as i am scottish.


/quote]Hi Peter I live in Hannover could you send me details of the model shop in Paderborn address etc



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will try and get the details for you brian. there are a couple of model shops in hannover to can't remember the address of them but they are on the same road a kfc mate.

Hi Peter yes I,ve visited those but they are mostly boats trains and planes.Trian and play in Hannover has a good selection of Siku UH and Britains farm models they are worth a visit next time you are in Hannover
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The model shop in paderborn gets a few different things in. we have a couple of model shops in gutersloh to and a couple of good toy shops. get a few bits when i am in the uk too. I have a uk postal address with my job so it doesn't cost me extra to get stuff posted from the uk.

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Here is some new stuff, hope you enjoy it, woul be nice if I got feedback ;-)

The bales (right word???) are ready and my renault had many work to do,s399hq9.th.jpg  s387bq9.th.jpg

s385rb0.th.jpg  s386ne3.th.jpg

s400vh9.th.jpg s391ng4.th.jpg


Please excuse my english  ;) hope it will become better in future,

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