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Few pictures from round the farms *Updated on - 10/03/13*


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A mixture of photo's from a few of the farms I have been around this week. Machinery, livestock, wildlife. .. it's all here!!

First up a few of the trusty 8340 which I have had the pleasure of piloting for most of the week. (Mart - perfect for you my son!! No, I am not driving it up to the Royal Highland Show for you!!)



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A TSA110 with a Krone trailed mower at the next farm we moved too, Edington in Wiltshire. Brand ndew and I did have a quick spin round the yard in it, very plush inside for a small tractor. Would love a day in one of these to suss her out.


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The same farm, his swath was perfect for 3 into one for the 840 to chomp away on. Our Kuhn FC303 means 2 1/2 into one otherwise we slow the chopper down too much!!  ::)



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The next farm near Seend has a thriving farm shop. They sell their own Beef, Lamb, Pork, Venison aswell as veggies and dairy produce as well.

Here are the two Stags. Stunning animals.



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