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pipe trailer

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bugger....i wont bother sending you that sketch now!? ;D ;D ;D.........i want one!!!!!!!!

what are the yellow pipes made from??, old irrigator piping?

That has got to be a numpty!!!

"Aluminium tubes 5/32 and 3/16 for connectors"

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thanks BGU!!!!!....i have since kicked the server, reset my PC as its not refreshing and loading pages properly (anybody had ebay problems) and drunk 3 more cups of coffee to wake me up. its no fun being oin the office on your own.....but i get to surf pages i want....legally ?;):D :D

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You sound like one of my students making an excuse for not handing work in on time? ;D;)

at least the dog didnt eat it!!! ?;D ;D ;D (is that excuse still used or did it go a long time ago??) ???? :D :D

i think i've dug myself into an NCC size hole!! ;D ;D ;D

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Not only does he get a numpty for this thread, he also gets word of the week...... "ASLING"

;D ;D ;D ;D stupid Dell keyboard!!!!....i should type s  l    o    w    e    r...

have we got a word of the week or day topic yet??

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