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This may be of interest to you conversion specialists.... It's got Fords in it !

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It's rare, I've never even seen it before, but you had to pay a lot of loot for it.


Thanks Rory... I have never seen it before either... I didn't pay that much for it... but I would have done if you see what I mean  :D :D :D - good old ebay
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Now the... just won this on Sunday on ebay... Hope you find it interesting....

This is my first go at posting photoshop links.... so be patient with me  :-[

Photoshop ??? ??? ???, i thought it was Photobucket :D :D :D :D :D::)

nice pics though ;D ;D ;D

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I am old...

I am hoping one of the boys on here will churn one out PDQ...  ;);D - Not sure how many vans you can get in 1:32 though... not a lot at a guess  :-\

think corgi did a range of vans along with cars , that arn't too far off 1/32 scale marky ,so it shouldn't be too hard to find a few at toy fairs  :)

britains 590 & landrover & a corgi bmw 325i


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