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fence pannels & sheep hurdles



, as i was aimlessly wondering around the house like i do , i happened to stumble upon a pack of c0cktail sticks in a kitchen cupboard , seemed a shame to see them doing nothing , so i had a head numbing moment & came up with these  :D

stuck 3 sticks into a firm peice of card & started to weave the other sticks into place

as each stick was positioned a dab of glue was used to keep them in place & also to stop the ends from splaying outwards


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Don't forget to cuprinol or creosote them!  ;D  Seriously, stain them a darker brown or green would really finish them off, don't you think? Excellent idea, cheap and very effective.  8)

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Got to make a style myself actually come to think of it. Went to build one yonks ago and got sidetracked by something else or something. They do look good though Marcus, very authentic and annoyingly nice!!  :D

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They look good, but I do think you need to get out more!! :D :D

thanks kev , i've actually started takeing the bit's i need with me to work , & knock a few up while the lorry's unloading .

i needed more sticks , so bought 10 pots of them only to find the new sticks are 1cm shorter, so have set to with those & actually look better for sheep sizes  & have stained a few as well

fenced in

size comparrison ;  left : new size pannels  right : original pannel



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