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Ever seen one of these before?


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Dude 5 miles down the road has (or at least had last year) one of those. It's all red though.

It doesn't do much anymore. I don't think he uses it much because getting parts for it is difficult now. The local dealer closed down.

Sounds good :) Indeed parts are awkward :-\

Yes cos I have the brochures for it too  ;D

What I like to hear ;):)

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Next thing he will have is a Forschitt combine and maybe a Menegle silage harvester  :D :D

I wish I had the space and bank balance for one 8) I'd love to photograph one still going, but it seems they're a bit thin on the ground over here...  ...there's always that trip to East German and the Czech Republic I keep thinking about that will never happen ::):-\

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I probably know the answer to this already as there aren't many about, but was it any good! :)

It does seem good yes in general, but a bit heavy and large for the power,and lift capacity isn't great (typical artic). Also fairly expensive when new, and lets face it, for the money, in the 1970s (cold war), most people would want something mainstream to show off to their neighbours? ::)

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