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Hello All,

I've always been interested in farm vehicles and implements and now I'm finally able to start building my collection of modern 1/32 models.

However, not having a farming background,I'd like to find out more about the tractors I intend to collect. 

Can anyone out there recommend a tractor magazine equivalent of 'What Car' that provides specifications, road (field?) tests, comparisons etc. ?

Most of the magazines I've found seem to concentrate more on classic tractors than new ones.

Thanks for any assistance ..... 

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Welcome Linus.

Regarding magazines for modern equipment you really only have those aimed at the farming community.  Farmers Weekly is probably the best known but its a bit to general for my taste, not enough on machinery.  

The magazine I buy for the current and new machinery is Profi.  See http://www.profi.com/EN_en  I find it very informative and deatiled on modern day equipment.  Some of the article eminate from Germany where the magazine was started but its all translated in to perfect English.

My local WH Smiths sells the magazine or you can get by subscription.

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Novembers issue is superb.

Great articles and quite a reasonable section on models.

Even a bit on a special Beet harvesting demonstration weekend !! Can't see Ben in the pictures!

what???, Where??, When was it??

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