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I've been asked to do this so here goes ;) ;)

I'm fitting these to a Siku farmer plus John Deere 6920 but the principle is the same for most Siku tractors.

First thing to do is to lay the tractor on it's side on a soft surface(one of the wife's tea towels is ideal)

Using a small hammer and punch gently tap the axles though the small collars (tap gently and ONLY use a small hammer or you'll break the front axle mounts off)



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Apply super glue to the exposed rear axle then push the rear wheels on.

tap your two remaining collars in the rear wheels and fill any gap with superglue.

When the glue is fully dry touch up the collars and hubs with matching paint.(I can't do this yet as the glues still wet ::) ::) )



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Thanks Paul that shed alot of light on it  ;) I've followed your insturctions about the front wheels and the hammer, it just wont come out is there any alternative  :-\

If you have access to a pillar drill you could put a 3mm drill bit in upside down then lay the tractor on the drill stand and use the down force of the drill as a press ;) ;) Don't turn the drill on though ::) ::)::)

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got these wheels fitted then nick??? its all gone quite down in kent

Nope  :D I busted one of my front axles, they just would not move and eventually the whole things nackered which im not happy about, got the back wheels on  :) And a front linkage on one of them Sean  ;) ;) ;) Im going to need two new front axles  >:(

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