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Marky's apple pickers kit

Lord Ferguson

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I went to see my apples being picked today... so I snapped some of the farmers kit...

Look what he had  :-*


This is a rare beasty...


Position control on one side... draft on the other... before the days when they had one quadrent doing it all on the vineyard models...


Out of interest... as you sit in the seat... Position on the right... draft on the left  ;)

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Rarer than that still... a French built MF135 VINEYARD (as apposed to a Narrow) and what a lovely little lady she is 1500 hours from new  :o


She's a late model as well... check out the front badge


This tractor has a 165-8 backend evidently... it's WELL over-engineered

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Nice kit there Marky. Any for sale?? ;)

Sadly not kev.... but he's got his eye out for a 230 for me  ;D

No wonder you get your apples from him if he has taste like that Marky..... :D;)

To right Mart... he did have a nasty green loader tractor.... but I FORGOT to snap that for some reason  :-[:D

She will have less hours anyway at this rate :D

She's spent a year in my garage now... and clocked up a heady 12 hours  :o:D :D :D
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Excellent pictures Marky, i like to see the apple pickers working. They've got a few orcahrds just down the road. Any closer pictures of the implements involved buddy? Interested in incoprating it into my layout  ;)

people using their hands i think :D :D :D

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