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Philippe Bordier Braud 800


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Saw this on Martyn Reeves stand last Sunday at Spalding and really caught my eye from a distance whilst having my last walk around, just wasn't in a spending mood, so didnt risk getting too close ::), but regretted that all the way home, so I rung him the next day to see if he brought it home and much to my luck he had, so I had it. :-\ ::) ::) Though on talking, he said he had a Clayson version aswell, but that sold pretty quick which I'd probably had of preffered, but it's somthing different. :);) ;)

Later that evening I was reading Autumns edition of 'Model Tractor', to find an article on page 45 about Chartes model show in France, with some pictures of these models, to include Braud, Laverda and Clayson, also making bale presses. :-* Even happier when I saw a 180 euro price tag next to them! ;D

The model itself is made of tin and built on a wooden chasis. The decals arn't the best unfortunatly, but they do the job. The cab detail is superb and the header is also pretty awsome. The main downside is that the wheels are Newray's and fixed rear axle, which look pretty naff, (however that can be soon sorted).

Would have to rate this model at 9.5/10 as the detail is simply superb, though not perfect as with most models. I gave ?50 for it, which I though was a fair price, as a lot of time and expertise has gone into making it. :);) ;) Any questions please ask. ;)








Finally, a size comparrison............... ;)


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