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Farmhand Loader

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mounted loader. I think it was an American thing in the first instance. Had a frame with white roof built onto an open top tractor (most common were 165's and 5000's) with long straight beams to the carriage. Implements were attached via a pin on either loader arm and another on either crowd ram. Hydraulic's came via a pto pump. It was a gruesome looking bit of kit but with the lock of a 2wd tractor and fast hydrauics aswell as the reach it had over other loader tractors the thing is an awesome bit og kit really, a proper tool.

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isn't that the farmhand f11 ? a chap at andover used to load me up with D1000 bales & that thing had a hellish reach it was fitted to a ford 5000 select'o'speed, if i remember rightly the main lift arms are pinned about where the cab roof would be.

                                                                                                          Did i really say hellish ?

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Yeah you got it MJB, never new the model, just that it was Farmhand and a mother!! Yeah the reach on them is unreal, not the strongest piece of kit and to find one these day without a recent weld-up is ucommon. A Britains 6600 badged up as a 5000 with one of these loaders would look flipping booootiful. I'd dare say it would even look hellish!!

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