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Cookes 2 Speed Winch - scratch built

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Not too sure if this is the right place for these pics - but here goes anyway...

Cookes 2 speed winch on a roadless Super Major which is a Scale Down model tractor kit with scratch built winch, being an accurate copy of a friends tractor and winch 10 miles down the road.








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Thank you Nigel... Your Scale Down kits are great to work with... the hand brake levers off the E27N made excellent levers for the winch.

It seems a long time ago since i ordered them. I will post pictures of the Roadless 90 once it is finished, that I  got the Ploughmaster 6/4 axles for from you that arrived the other day - but don't hold your breath cos it will be a while yet.

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When the owner of the real Roadless Super Major bought it from Southampton, it was in a sorry state. It was only 2-wheel drive, but was actually a 4-wheel drive, as it had the sandwich still in it.

He completely refurbished the engine and all other parts as needed, removed the non-original cab, then gave the whole lot a re-spray. The bonnet was re-sprayed orange to give a more industrial look to the tractor.

All this work was done just prior to the 2005 National Tractor Run at Gisburn. In fact if you have a copy of the Tractor Run DVD you will see this tractor a couple of times.

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