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looks great thomas, what were the drags from , or have you made those from scratch as well :)

Great work as always Thomas, did you make the drags yourself or did you buy them?

well the drags are made of german new silver,from my mate christian.

the harrow i made is just a wack how it looks :-[


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Looks good mate, Where can the harrows be orderd from?

try out www.chs-world.de send him a e mail and ask for it  ;)

Wow, they look really nice. Must be good to have friends like Christian!! Nice wrok Thomas.  :)

oh jeh thats right mate ;D he also did a grat job with this parts he made. ;)

here we go,i spend a bit time for the harrow to made the grumbler (is it the right word for it ???)

was a bit tricky to make,but work`s ;D:D






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