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Midsummer Models Burrell 8hp Showmans Engine

Lord Ferguson

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Well... my mate Clive has finally received his model this week... it's the culmination of over a years hard work and effort... Based on the real engine in Hertfordshire... it's a truly remarkable replica of the real thing in 1:24 scale.  Take a look at the detail....  :o

Limited edition of just 999 pieces - so if you want one... nip in there quick  :o

It's been advertised in most of the "Steam magazines" recently and he's got a website - www.midsummermodels.co.uk

First the box  ;D - I am proud to say I helped in a small way with this  ;D


Each model comes with a limited edition certificate..


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Clives got piles...


You can see it on his face in this pic...  :D :D :D


He's got some more models in the planning stage as we speak... so I say.... well done Mr Brown... good luck... it takes some balls to invest the tens of thousands of pounds that have gone into this project alone... let alone a program of many more items  :o

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:o :o :o that is a nice bit of kit there :o :o :o

Isn't it just... a heavy model as well.. the chassis is die-cast... the barley twists that hold the canopy are brass as well... and at 1:24 scale... it's quite some model...

Clive chose 1:24 as most diaoramas of fairground rides and the like are in this scale.  There is some information on the real engine on his website I believe... I think the real thing is worth well in excess of 0.5 million... although I don't think it will ever be sold by the current owner anyway... so I guess that makes it priceless  :-\

I was lucky enough to go and do the initial measurements on the real thing... it's HUGE... for those who have been to Dorset you will remember it well I am sure  :-\

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Looks a very good bit of intricately detailed piece of kit there and well presented and steam having played a significant role in agriculture would certainly not be out of place in any collection of farm kit.

How many of the members on FTF have any steam related models on the shelf I am wondering? I guess that most of us have an example or two, most likeley a Mamod TE1A I suspect and maybe a couple of Corgi models as well.  I bought a model steamer off eBay a few days ago, I'll see if I can find a good picture of it to post up. Have not received it as yet but looking forward to it's arrival.

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Here are a few pictures of the afore-mentioned steam engine.    Produced by a Japanese company called Bandai around 1980 and is a model of a fairground/showman engine called Pendle Princess. The real engine weighs 8.5 tons and built in 1919, I'm uncertain at present wheather by Fowler or Burrell but will do more research when I have the model. Oh and the scale? It is in 1:16 so should be massive!




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I think thats a kit Tim isn't it ???

I am sure CLive's got one of those in his collection as well  :-\

I beleive it is a built kit Marky, looks good, the seller described it as 'with worging features'. Time will tell!  :-\

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