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Bale Trailers For FarmerNick

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liking the green one tris mate, just like a old lorry cut down aint it,

Guess is is with the older style dual reail wheels yeah. .. hadn't looked at it like that but it could well be. Cheers mate.  :)

wow they look great well done  :o :o :o

Thank You Henry  :)

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Thanks all!! I enjoy doing these. I've done five altogether now, two for me, one for TSA135driver and now there two. They are ready when your are Nick, your name is on them so I won't be sending them anywhere else. :)

Thanks mate, still saving  :D Have done a monster paperound tonight so should take a chunk out of it  ;) Sorry about this mate  ;)

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very nice the smaller one reminds me of the low potato-sack  trailers

at the farm i used to work at identical to that  but the body fits lower

to the axel

the drawing is crap but if you can imagine your trailer with the

axel like on my drawing  ;) ;) ;):)

cheers nigel

Wouldn't be too hard to do either I wouldn't have thought.

both look great ,great mate , but the green one does it for me  :) :)

Cheers MJ mate  :)

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