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uh mf35x(1/32)

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well following markys write up on these somebody asked about a rear hicth, i had a pma32 one spare so i fitted it on tonight, fits ok, needs paint, and all you need to do is cut the bar to lenght and carefully slice 4 tiny knobs of the underside where the hitch fits, otherwise it wont sit straght, the observant of you out there wil prob notice i missed one so its not quite right, will sort that

been looking for something to fit my scaledown trailer to for a while, well now i have found it



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thats actually how they came mate, havnt had a chance to pull them off and sort, will do that when the square arches arrive

strange, i'm sure Mandys had them the correct way??, have to go back and have a look!

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Yeeeeee Haaaaaaaaawwww - I flipping love you Mr Pullover....

Now then....

135 - spot on... but can i suggest that an early swept axle like that... with round wings  ;) - should have red wheel centres... front and rear  ;):-*:-*

240.... looking good... it the bonnet a little deep Mr P... will take this one up by PM.... but looking gooood - got some front badge ideas for you as well  :-*

550 - Oh boy oh boy... go on then... get on with it  :P :P :P

Anyway you could change the front axle to a beam type.... or is this not possible... 240... later 135... 550... all beam axle jobbies really...  :-\

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