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Time for another one I reckon...

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Anyone else want to do a Model of the Moment for us ???

Failing that I am happy to do one... but I know some of you must be geting cheesed off with "Massey Overload" - I won't bother with a poll... just post your suggestions here... for me or anyone else... it doesn't have to be a Massey  ;)

If you are thinking of dong one.... You'll need the model and a brochure (or some specs.) of the real deal  ;)

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Well.... I've scanned in a good few pages tonight on the 760...and I currently doing some "homework" for the topic... I'll have it up tomorow sometime hopefully...

I've also scanned the 130 drill just for you Ben  ;)

you know you wanted to as well!! ;D ;D ;D

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