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David Brown 996 break or not??

David Brown 1410 power!

Should we break this tractor or not??  

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  1. 1. Should we break this tractor or not??

    • Yes
    • No

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Ok we've had this one for a while and we have already sold the loader of it and the front axle (1200 heavy duty) now what she needs is

1.steering box

2.steering bar

3.front axle

4.clutch is completly shot!

5.front grill

6.changing wheels on the rear

7.paint and slightbody work repair

8.second hand seat.

The cab is going to be removed as well as the guard also.

Here it is before the axle and loader was removed!


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Here is the standard i hope to achive with the 1212 and the 995/6



Altough id say the 1212 will get a lot better treatment maybe a new nosecone and roof side panels and bonnet ect..An impressive tractor in there day and a joy to drive this one surprizingly started very easy after numerous years liying up!

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I dont know the reg of hand SPN but there's a dealer sticker in the cab i think it was supplied new from a killkenny dealer! Did i mention also i found out only recently that my conection to David Brown tractors does not only

come from my familys use of them from back as far as the 50's a relative of mine richard gregan was a sale's reprezentitive for David Brown tractors LTD Ireland so now i can see i have really strong connection to the brand.

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Fix her up. My ex's family had a 990 and I was hoping to get that tractor but when we split her family kept the tractor. I expect it will be dead before long with the care it has received :-[

The tractor was in very, very rough shape (it made yours look nice), my ex's dad was almost completely blind as a result of a brain tumor but he had a dairy farm to run and he had to do most of the work so the tractor was ran into things quite often (mostly when it got close to dark then he was completly blind). I worked on that tractor some fixing some problem areas but I couldn't just go to town on it because they needed it to spread manure every other day.

I do miss that tractor as they are unique. Fix yours up and keep them protected.

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I own a DB not a huge fan but there arnt enough runners around to scrap them mate, if you have the parts easy Do it, its alot harder for me over here as there arnt so many parts now, But keep them and do them expesicaly if they all run

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