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DUGU Models of Italy


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As a nice point of reference for anyone who is interested in the more rarer farm models from the continent, these were sold at a recent auction. First time I have seem the SAME model, and never knew they produced a Laverda combine!  ??? Perhaps Feli or Nigel can shed more info on this.

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The CENTAURO DT is 1/15, I have one complete (ex KARSLAKE collection from his executors sale) and another (ebay) missing a piece or two for customising... one day. The resin bonnet tips forward over the diecast main castings, pressed steel wheels....just had a thought ..I wonder if the rear tyres will go on the new UH 1/16 5000?  ...and what's more the one for customising is relatively accessible.. :o

The Fiats are apparently 1/35, I think these were possibly carried on by OLDCARS into the 90s. I've only seen the combine at ZWOLLE for big bucks.

Those of Feli's that I've seen are his own modified models.

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