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Anyone like ships


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I thinks it the fact they are so massive it makes us feel like kids again. Ya know, like watching tractors as a child.

Brian you got me dreaming of a UH ship getting stranded down on the south coast now!;-)

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When I first started artics I thought I was King **** sat up in my Scania, twin Eminoxs, chipped. . . then I arrived at Southampton alongside one of these to get my first container put on. . . . talk about eye opener!! :o I'm sure Steve can tell us more about these giants. :)

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Have any of you seen the "Matchstick Navy" ? 

Absolutely brilliant models of all types of ships.  Chap sets it up on 8-10 6' tables at Bursledon Brickworks open days - usually the July one.  If you like model ships it is worth seeing.

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i'm interested in the cargo ships and all that, i live off the coast of NI so a few minutes drive and i can see all the ships heading off for scotland :-\ and in the distance i you can see the coast of scotland, i thinks thats class the way you can see it but it takes about 1.5hours to get their :-\ :-\

discovery channels usualy have good documentaries about shipping and cargo, deadliest catch is my favourite, massive boats they are :o:)

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hey brochure collectors

guess what the coolest and rarer brochures are of..........


at the local port when i work there in the lunchroom they had a brochure of a tug boat the port was looking at buying.....i wasn't allowed to add it to my collection ;O(

facinating to read, they take pics of the contruction process, and give options on engines, and specs on water displacement?! etc

theres a challenge for marky........fergusons are sooooo last week

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The sales aids are for charterers and marketing - if you are trying to get someone to pay ?12,000 to ?50,000 per day, even ?100,00 for a service than 'leaflets' matter.

In fact they extend to folders, helicopter rides, marketing, cocktail parties et all.

One of the very best at Marketing are Swire Pacific Offshore - I worked for them for five years and excellent marketing and managers.

Check their site at

http://www.swire.com.sg/home.aspx  click on the main pictures, gallery etc

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