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New tractor looking work!!


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To be fair deerepower didn't even know it had called in not been to the yard for a few days been busy on other jobs.But i'll make some enquiries

That'll be why you hadn't mentioned it to me then :D :D ::)

Get it on a bedformer and see how she does ;D

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I know, a minor regret but at the same time it was too bigger risk at the time when your boss couldn't guarantee the job beyond November :-\ Still not got the passport sorted either :D :D ::)

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one of our customers has one, with 250 hours on it

the driver loves it, all it does is pull a slurrie spreader, fert spreader, ocationally a loader wagon, and i think they are going to set it up to pull truck trailers ( we just set the air and hyd brakes up)..........the 3pt hitch arms are collecting dust in the shed

they seem to like it, but it is not a true puller, its a comprimise of a road machine and tractor, like its suppose to be.......its the ultimate fastrac, they sorted the tranny problems, clutch problems (brought a fendt gearbox), gave it a cummins (did i mention i like this part!)....

still has driveshafts to the pto, and rear axle etc, but a good keen man, grease gun and creeper on a flat concrete floor will ensure these last a long time

with the new fendts hitting 60km on the road, makes ya wonder there true advantage

seems to suit the role its in, it replaced a fendt 818, give it a couple years, it will have 4000-5000 hours on it, will be interesting to see what he does next time

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Sorry no more pics of jcb. took those on phone when driver talking to boss. Its working over in Shropshire at mo ploughing carrot ground. Its basically the same as the 8250 normal fastrac, same gearbox ,engine horse power etc but got few more gismos hms for one. The driver drives it for 12 hours on the farm plough or what ever you want it to do then drives back to factory then an other bloke drives round test track rest of time!!!! 

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