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lemken power harrow/accord drill conversion

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always have wanted to do this...got the harrow from FM tractors in the morning and by the end of i had this.......






would have prefered the hoses to be whitish/pale colour rather than silver and the markers to be attached to the actual drill but this is the best i could do... just need a accord decal for the seed box :-\ i will get pictures of the real thing it's supposed to look like later 8)

what you's think???

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looks good, dont worrie about the markers, we have just got a new kuhn drill to go on the kuhn powerharrow and the markers are mounted on the powerharrow, if you take the drill off the markers are still left on the harrow ;) good idea if you drop the drill off as you will be taking exactly 4m (in our case) each pass, who needs green star!

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