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Aeroplane Landed In Blackpool?

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not unusal mate, know of several old raf jets outside places down this way, castle motors is a classic example on the a38 in cornwall, they have a old lightening outside on a stand,about 15 ft up as you can see it of the road easy ,theres also a second one no more than 10 miles away in somebodys front garden if i knew how to post the links for each i would

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Once you get the picture sean, on the top right of the picture it will say 'link to this page' click that and copy and paste the top link.

Does look odd though! How come you can never see aeroplanes flying on google maps? You can see clouds but i'm yet to find a plane on my browsing sessions.

Also there was a video somewhere on YouTube, where they show a wall fallen over in china, a capsized cruise liner and a toppled crane aswell, quite interesting but can't find it!

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