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Mysterious Massey drill weights

james f

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Has anybody ever figured out what those funny cast weights that came with the Massey drill were for? I thought maybe they were for on top of the disc part underneath, or were meant to go in the box under the step. I never got a boxed one so I'm not sure if they were just for packaging purposes?

Here's an example:



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Mine is an early one too, I seem to think the one I bought my son 5 or 6 years ago did not have weights when new, one thing is for sure, It definately doesn't have any now!

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most of mine have weights, well the boxed versions.

IHP i had salt come out of my drill quite easily when i was young, i drilled the holes bigger wiht my dads powerdrill...shouldnt have really as my mum wasnt pleased with salt lines on the landing carpet!!!  ;D ;D

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