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Help with Stencils please if you can

Lord Ferguson


Can anyone advise me on the best way to make a stencil for spraying with my airbrush please ? - Questions that spring to mind are - What medium do you use (ie. plastic, metal, card ?), how do you transfer the letters ?, I there any way you can make on the PC, print it and transfer it too the medium ?

Thanks if you can help  - Mark :)

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Hi Mark,

still got dog slob on my fleece!!  :D :D :D

i'll have a look for some stencils over the weekend but i could probably draw it up on autocad and stick it to plastic sheeting, then cut it out as we discussed??  ??? ???

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Sounds good 2 me Ben.. The dog slobber is free by the way ;D - Alfrid took a shine to you I think :-*

Off the the model shop this arvo to see if I can find some 1.7mm ply and maybe a stencil (and some tips possibly).  Will be back manufacturing (and smoking) tonight with a bit of luck.

Thanks for your time last night and it was good to meet you. ;)

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Usually for stencils they use acetate.(stuff used for overhead projectors) I believe with the right printer you can print right onto it. Although would be just as easy to slide the image behind and trace with an indelible marker. Cut it out and Bob's your uncle? :D :D. When sticking it to the item you are stenciling I would use a spray mount adhesive(this is repostionable and holds well. Spray from the outside of the stencil inwards so the paint doesn't bleed underneath the stencil.

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Thanks for the advice TBF - I'll give that a try (got some acetate sheets at work).  FHB told me a scary story about his boss melting acetate sheet all over the drum of the printer once so I guess I'll go for the tracing option. :o

I'll post my results (unless they go horribly wrong that is) - thanks once again - Mark

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Waterslide decal paper is available from www.farmmodels.co.uk - this allows you to print your own decals as required.

not very good at drawing small size and is there some where in the uk as i dont understand any other language

or can one of you help me out :-[:-[ :-[

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