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fendts and loaders??


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Well round here mate i think its mainly due to the high cost of them (but in there diffence cheap spec wise) many buy the upper end models so use them as front line tractors cultivations etc and having a loader on one doesnt make much sense as normaly time need loader on tractor is when loading one main tractors with something ;) ;)  SO use for fendt for heavy work and use fuel effiency to get money back asap ;D

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i do know of fendts with loader on, but have to say,they are all oldish ones, and none that i can remember have genunine fendt laoders either, ,maybe they just cost to much new, so never get bought

I'd agree with that Sean, another thing i'd say is that new Fendts arent small, they are better at pulling and doing cultivations etc, if you wanted a loader tractor you would get something a little less hi-tech and powerful thus making it cheaper, so i wouldn't think that Fendts would sell many loader units.

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most fendts i se this way that are new are contractors, so mid to large in the ranges, most loader fendts seem to be the older and smaller models ,biggest being a 515 i think, but they are just what they need round this way, smallish enough for that sort of work, but enough gutss ect for cultivation/silage work ect,

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