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Joskin tanker


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was then going to say the same,to be honest it had to be the biggest and best one they did, they never seem to do a nice small farms model do they

Conversions builders has also something to do :D :D

But i think it is better they releas some equipment bigger, because in my opinion it is easier to make it smaller or am i wrong ???


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I would have to disagree with you there Marcus!! The Fastrac was able to pull that tanker fairly well although you did have to select four-wheel-drive on the road when climbing over a wet steep hill, but apart from that it managed its job surprisingly well! I sat as a passenger in her a few times with Mark G. & he could sail along at 44 mph with a full load, on a flat road no bother, & with the hydraulic suspension on the tanker he could take a dry roundabout at just over 20 mph!!! ;)  That was the outfit which belonged to Green Fibre Ltd. before the local council & some of the silly local neighbours got the 'enviromentally friendly' business closed down!! They used it for transporting waste washings & blood from the meat factories in Moira & Dungannon! Davy or Gareth Wilkins (Wilko) from Miralin used to drive it an odd time if Mark G. wanted a day off or something! Then Davy borrowed it an odd time for any really long draws, to draw out processed liquid sludge for injecting with his Joskin field tanker! He used to align the JCB & tank parallel with the gap of the field & then pump it through a flexi-pipe through the side-fill points on each of the tankers! ;)  :)

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