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massey ford or ford ferguson


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There is a V8 Power Major around here somewhere... I think I snapped it at one of the shows last year  :-[:-\ - I'll see if I can dig it out

I think there is one over here also marky, ill get my mate to trawl thru his pics from last years fielddays

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I bet the owner of that is really proud of his work. What a fantastic looking conversion. The cab doesn't look at all out of place on the tractor. A nice combination of modern comforts and classic tractor. If the engine's turbo'd, it's probably putting out about 140 hp and those old Perkins 6.354's (That type if that's what it is) are usually pretty quiet too. I' love to see it in the flesh and have a quick drive.  :P:-*

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would love to see them marky

i think this guy loves this tractor, spent 5 grand US buying it, 20000 fixing it and 500man hours

you put that in context with used IH and JD prices in the US, and i don't think he did bad

parts are still ok to find

just the radial pump on the crankshaft and that that are getting a little expensive

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