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Well with the 7810 finished I thought i'd build myself another John Deere ::)

This time a 3300 using a Siku Renualt Ceres and a UH Renualt Celtis :)

Words and pictures soon 8)

Sounds good mate, roll on the pics. Pm me if you are going to build any more 7810's  ;) ;)

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looking forward to this one paul wasn't a big fan of driving them but there was something about them when you saw them working.

I have a nice mint Siku one but thought i'd try make myself one with a bit more detail :)

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very nice start i will be watching this topic very carefully i do have to agree with pistol pete driving them wasnt fun or nice but there was something about watching them work do you think your selling these ones?

I doubt it ??? i've been watching ebay for a while to get the Ceres ::)

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paul you are the master all that done in one day you are going to have some fleet of deres now.

Thanks for you comments Pete :)

My fleet of converted Deere's goes as follows-

3140 2WD OPU



5720 trelleborg tyres

5820 2WD

6320 loader





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Looking great Paul. The Siku model looked awful but the machines themselves weren't that bad looking.

Always looked better in Renault colours to my mind, the shape & cab design didn't fit at all with JD's family styling.

We bought a Renault Ceres 85 new in 1995 [?] and it was a super little tractor, bit of a camel but very able.

They were painted green as part of the reciprocal deal with Renault's use of the DPS engines in the then new Ceres & Ares ranges. Renault got the engines, Deere got a free tractor. I think Deere did better out of it though - they sold more engines to Renault than Renault sold tractors to Deere....

Fancy doing a [cough] Renault one for me in the future?

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