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The Fraserburgh Vintage Vehicle Rally is being held at the Leisure Centre in Fraserburgh on Sunday 1st June 2008. This year the rally will be hosting the Scottish Vintage Vehicle Federations event the "Champion of Champions" events too. The COC is held as part of a different rally each year and invites class winners at 2007 rallies to enter and compete for the COC in their respective classes. In addition there is a a prize for the Supreme Champion of Champions from all the vehicle classes.

In addition the event will be celebrating 100 years of the model T Ford. The event is organised by James Gray who is a director of the refrigerator trailer manufacturers Gray & Adams and is an extremely well organised event. Hosting the CoC promises to bring a good selection of vehicles from all over Scotland up to the Buchan coast on Sunday 1st June.

I'll be going along as usual and this year I have my 1951 Farmall Cub and 1948 Ransomes MG 2 booked in.

Within the leisure centre there are numerous stalls and craft fair type of stall to keep any females going along interested ;D ;D

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Looking at the weather forecast it says it will be cloudy in Fraserburgh on Sunday. Never mind that will do me as long as it not raining... plays havoc with the shiny brass bits ;D ;D

Mind you father is obsessed with cleaning brasses so it saves me doing it. I'm the washer and polisher

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Not the nicest of days at Fraserburgh by teh sea but it was dry.

The overall Champion of Champions in the tractor class went to this 1926 Fordson Model F from Ian Brown ( a Ford tractor dealership man) from Ceres.


In the rally class awards the winners of the class awards in the Tractor up to 1955 section were

First place a 1953 Field Marshall FSV 80 from Martin Stewart of Maud ( Mad Martin )


2nd a 1950 Ferguson TE20 with ferguson trailer from Mike Robertson of Brechin


And 3rd place me myself I with my 1951 Farmall Cub CSJ 249


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on to the garden and interseting exhibits now

First place when to the replica ( not scale ) Nuffield and box cart


And in second my 1948 MG2 crawler exhibited today by the old man.


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Now on to the lorries and from right to left my friends 3 exhibits

His sons 1954 Albion FT31 NGF332

The "New" Scania 143m G444 KBD

And then the 1966 Foden 6 wheeled tipper CS0 495 D


A good day for Stuart winning first in class with the Foden and also the Champion of Champions award ( a model Gray & Adams lorry ) in the Classic Commercial Class 1959 to 1972

Even the Scania got a third in the post 1971 commercial class award. only 4 entries but just 3 were there ;D ;D

Picture to follow later


Lets hope Lewis doesn't decide tis is a play toy  ;D ;D

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Some of the other tractors exhibeted on the day but non of them prize winners on the day.

A 1950 Ford 8 Nan by Ian Brown of Ceres


A 1945 Marshall M restored and exhibted by my neighbour Duncan Stewart 3 doors round the Crescent


A 1941 Oliver Standard 80 owned and restored by Duncan Fobes ( ex director of Grays of Fetterangus )


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Some more tractors on the field

A 1975 John Deere 1120 by D Heeps of Stanley which was 1st in Class in the Tractors 1971 to 1980 section


Next up... I don't recognise the make or model  ;D ;D


Next a 1969 Class combine exhibited by M Littlejohn of Tyrie


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Now back to the lorries where there was an abundance of Albions on the day... a bit like Fergies really  ;D ;D

A 1952 Albion Chieftan OJJ 694 from Angus Stewart of Lairg

A 1952 Albion Chieftan BYJ 452 from Andrew Cook and Sons Leven. This won the Champion of Champion clas in Classic Commercials 1940 to 1958


A 1954 Albion Chieftan HRG 255 from Edwin Ewen Aberdeen. A past winner of the Champion of Champions followed by a late entry from Charlie Henderson of Westhill with his Albion


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A late entry in the lorry section


And the only steam wagon at the show owned by William Nicol tankers of Aberdeen and exhibited by their transport manager gary Thomson. The local rumor is they opaid around £ 240,000 for this wagon.


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Here are the remaining tractors I caught on camera. deatils to be added later I must get on at work ;D

A 1938 Massey Harris Pacemaker from R Turriff of Rora


A 1968 International B276 from Messrs Anderson of Tortorston.


A 1954 Ransome MG6 from S Enderle of Crimmond


A 1952 Cockshutt 30 from A Duncan of New Deer



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All in all a very good day out at Fraserburgh. Salad lunch in the leisure centre was excellent. Next years show is on Sunday the 7th June 2009. Rained cats and dogs on teh way home so wee nash got a bit dirty  >:(

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Looks like a good day out for all and a nice varied selection of machines - especially the Claas combine - I think it is a Matador Giant ???

Yes it was a nice day out Colm. Always a slight wind and smell of fish factories in Fraserburgh though ;D ;D. I didn't actually have a close inspection of the combine but it looked in good original condition. In fact I think the owner is a Gray & Adams employee and also has a collection of Zetor tractor's. There was an article probably in Classic Tractor some time back about his Zetors.

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Glad you had a good day Bill,

thanks for the pics, lots of nice motors there. :) :)

It was an excellent day apart from the rain on the way home Brian

There was an abundance of Albions there this year but all nice and made in Scotland ;) ;)

PS There were loads of lorry models on display in the hall too but I could not get pictures for crowds >:(

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