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Gav's Silage Clamp


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Well in a moment of madness today I decided have a go at building a silage clamp along the lines of what a lot of the local farms here have, sleeper and RSJ construction. seemed to be one of the easiest constructions in a farmyard to start with as well :D

So here it is,the uprights are made out of HSF-8 Plastruct and HSF-10 in the back corners, "sleepers" are cut from 4mm x 12mm pine strip wood, all on a plasticard base. Still have to paint it all and may well put a guard rail around the top as well :)



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Thanks guys, no it isn't the start of a farm layout as I have no where to put one at the minute Kris ;)

Little update for you now, I've just put the guard rails on round the top, just leaves a few more sleepers to make after I've been up Homebase again :)



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