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Chanced Weise Fendt 515


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I soooooo want that model but Mrs Robbo has said NO MORE at the moment, need to find Uni fees for my daughter who starts this September, I suppose she is right really  :-\ :-\ :-\ :-\ :-\ :-\


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mmm intresting, why not have the front hitch do that in the first place, ok its great, but it does kind of stink of money making from collectors like siku do, just minor changes that make us buy another

I agree with you. It is only to make money but that he can do. And we collectors decide if we buy the item.


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would say it comes with the weight and a frame robbo ,looking at those pics, ,looks a nice model, a little anoyed they couldnt have done the front linkage that folds with the a frame as well in the first one, with the decent backend on it , the first was ment to be limited so was worth the extra bits, i asumed this was to be a normal run with the siku hitch, not with a few extras 

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That looks like the one for me, not big on boxed display so the compatible rear linkage has swung it for me.

Nice looking version of it too... come on RC2, everyone's at it now and making a decent version of it, and it was Britains design in the first place wasn't it?!

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