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The First Land Vehicle To Reach The South Pole


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The NZ 5 dollar note has an MF tractor on it because of sir ed hillarys wee trip across the ice.

You either have far to much money or to much time on your hands ol, i didnt know that was there,

Isnt there one of these mfs in the Antartic place in CHCH ?

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I know a chap in Aberdeenshire who replicated ones of these Polar fergies many many years ago. It is currently on display at the Heritage Museum in Alford Aberddenshire. The next time I'm up in the area I will pop in past the museum and try and get some photos if anyone is interested ??? ???

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could be nick

there is definitly one in the canterbury museum in town, that ones free to visit

they also have a snow cat, and a couple snow mobiles, and a D4, and a bunch of other cool stuff that i could spend hours looking at

i wonder if the one is the pic is the one i seen??!

out by the airport in chch is the antartica building for kiddies to visit, with the haglan ride, and beside it is the research base, offices and stuff, not far from the airport, were all the stuff comes and goes from antartica, even the junk

the turners auctions at sockburn is were you used to see some raritys come back from antartica, long frame D5's snow mobiles etc

there is still one of those fergies down there, the man i brought my business off tried to get it started when he did his 12 month stint down there when he was in the airforce...........i don't think it was one of the hillary ones thou

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