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Dominator 98sl and Mega 218 conversions...

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Finally got bored of tweeking the two Claas combine conversions... so they are finished!!

First up is a New Ray combine into a Dom 98sl... Used a Siku header (on both, actually) from a job lot on E-Bay. Changed the wheels, tweeked the cab and added waterslide decals. Whaddya think??



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Next up is a Claas Mega 218 combine. Based on a Bruder Dominator it is a little bigger than the New Ray conversion so it just had to be a Mega really... Again, with a Siku header, new wheels, a straw chopper and various tweeks like the cab etc.



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This brings my fleet of big Class harvesters up to seven... From the top down:

Siku Lexion 600 RC with V900 header.

Norscott Lexi 580 with V750.

Siku Lexi 480 with crappy V600?? header.

UH Tucano with V750 header.

Siku Lexi 480 with V900 header.

Bruder Mega 218 with Siku "C600" header

New Ray Dominator 98sl with Siku "C510" header.


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A great fleet, and you've done wonders on the two conversions.

I'm still hoping Wiking will bring out an uber detailed Lexion 600 - ideally with wheels and V900 header like the Siku one, but if it happened it would most likely be Terra Trac and the V1050...surprised no one has come out with a tracked combine yet...

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Thanks for the kind words guys...

As for the header/combine combinations, the Siku Lexion 480 with the grain tank cover raised has a Siku V900 from the Siku Lexion 600 fitted - other than that all other remaining combines (ignoring the two Doms) have their original headers.

The question is.... what next??  ???;D


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how about a dominator 85 or a nice 116cs?

I would love to do either of those... Spent a while last night sizing up Senators/Mercators but although I have brochures for both neither give any good shots for the basic structure. I also reckon a Britains MF or NH would make a good donor... so how about a Powerfarm Senator??  ;D  ;D  ;D

As for the 116cs, I am thinking of doing a 228CS based on the Bruder Dom suitable lengthened etc. Just need to find a donor for that!


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  • 3 weeks later...

Nice collection of combines there mate how Siku have come on when you look at the old Lexion ::) ::)

BTW I posted your wheels this morning so you should have them tomorrow ;) ;)

I agree, but Siku still have a little way to go to match UH though!

I'll check the post tomorrow, thanks!!


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Have you made the conversion on the 600 RC yourself(very nice)  ;D.And please can you show some more pictures of the 600 RC  ;)

Gama have made a 116CS  :) :)

Yep - I built up the remote controlled Lexion myself in Jan this year. Really not too difficult, basic engineering but quite a bit of it in a small space. The tiny LED lights are fiddly but very impressive in the dark!

First photo show the insides of the completed combine. Second shows the completed outside and transmitter...



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Two of the lights, 10 work and head lights on the front (on two separate circuits) and 4x white working lights and 2x red tail lights on the rear, again on the two circuits as for the front.

More info, videos etc at http://www.malcp.com/20080131LexionTechnical/index.htm and http://www.malcp.com/20080128RCLexion/index.htm.

Many years ago (about 2002) I was in a top shop with a mate who was buying something for his kid, and I saw the big Gama 166CS for sale. I ummed and ah'ed... ah'ed and ummed until he'd paid for his stuff and then we left. Still regret not byuing the 116, not the right scale for my collection but for completness it would have been nice!




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