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  1. This was a grassland blend ,we had some straight nitrogen with lots of different colour bits in it
  2. My Origin was not lumpy ,just different blends , brilliant model looks to be well made
  3. I am not really into trucks but there is something about them big ones i tend to like credit to you for donating some of your collection to charities i have never donated any of mine but i have on a few occasions gone out and bought a model to give to a good course
  4. you wont need any weights on it just for yard work
  5. I think its ok Sean ,there is not stranded height/size for trees in any scale as in real world they all grow to different sizes ,and them ones on the corner have been around a few year longer so bigger
  6. yes you are right in the real world ,there used to be several small farms like myself around here only a few of us left know rest just gone to the big farms
  7. Well done ,nice to see you are keeping it on the small size like farms used to be ,not knocking the big farms but every one wants to go LARGE bit like McDonalds
  8. Very sorry to hear of your tragic loss , i half know what you are dealing with as my brother lost one of his sons several years ago now . Like your new farm keep up the good work
  9. Not sure what to say John , i can see the yellow is a different on the body work and the decal is a different shade from the photo , if it is vinyl that would be why and a good chance it has been reproduced, you have been collecting Autoway quite a while now and if you think its not right it probably is not 🙁
  10. You need another storage shed as i notice you keep your flat 8 grab up on the roof ☺️ . The night time shots look good
  11. I can only repeat the complements that all the above forum members have said John ,absolutely fab 👍i must say
  12. once again you have captured some realistic shots ,keep up the good work
  13. very nice martin allow the sky dont look to good if you took them photos today you been lucky its been rain here all day 😒
  14. they might have done grey ones as well ,i just remember the sets we had was black
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