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Incy wincey spider.... climbed up... er.... my Russian Vine

Lord Ferguson

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Now then.. I thought we'd have a bit of a Nature topic for a change... I was in the garden today... killing time (well it beats working for a living.. ) anyway... I spotted a HIVE of activity on my Russian vine...

The little fella was busy homebuilding.... and as I watched.. I thought... what a wonderful machine the spider is... I'd like to know a little more as well if anyone is 'into' nature a bit more than me...

Here APPEARED (to the untrained Spider-spotting eye) to make a big fluffy bit in the middle of his 'proposed web' (assuming that planning consent had been granted... and his neighbours had been notified of his intentions..


Then he seemed to gather it all up and head off down south... then it's once around a leaf...



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His next door neighbour sat there all 'smug' with himself as he'd already built his home earlier on by the looks of things...


So... questions questions...

Anyone know what kind of spider he is ??? or indeed... anything about the little chap..

reminds me of the mother-in-law with all that leg hair  :o;D

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Stunning photo's Mark, shows up the markings brilliantly. I knew what it was straight away.

Back last year, the weather had turned a little colder. The mornings were misty, the evenings clear and chilly. Down at Tinytoes (a small village under the spreading roots of a chestnut tree) we Hobbits were busy collecting old *** butts and picnic blanket fluff to use as insulation in our bark cabins.

Anyway, I was out on my own when high up in the leaves of a Laurel bush I could see a ball of fluff. Using my stapple (a grapple made from a staple) I launched it higher than I'd ever launched it before. I reckon it was at least 92 human centimetres.

Up the sock cotton I went. Heaving myself up onto a branch, jumping to the next. . . There it was. Fluff. Not *** fluff. Not picnic blanket fluff. Not even bramble snagged twead jacket fluff.

Pure, not messed with, FLUFF!!

I stuck my arms out and grabbed it with both hands.

That was it. I was suck to it like a Hobbit to pavement gum.

I wiggled and jiggled. I heaved and weaved but there was no getting off of it. Then there was a tap on my shoulder, I looked round to see the very angry owner of this fluff.

It plucked me off, held me up to his pincery face and said to me. . "You belong on the ground Hobbit. These branches are mine and mine only. I own this roost and you remember that. Remember this name too, Hardy Spider. . . "

He gave me a weave of thread and threw me over the edge and I dived right to the ground.

That was the last time I ever messed around with Laurel and Hardy!

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Trissle, you have kinda stolen the Lord's thunder there???

great story but left me scared halfway through  :-\ :-\ :-X :'(

You hade me reading with enthusiasm/ interest!! I almost put on the Lord of the rings trilogy  ;):D

As for mary's questions.... it looks to me like the lesser spotted brown striped with little white bits on its back, you are lucky to see!!!

So what did you do to be locked in the garden again? Or had you forgotten / lost the keys?

I do worry sometime Marzy!!!

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:D :D :D that's Mrs F's bedtime story sorted tonight... brilliant Trissy  :D :D

Just been back out there before the sun goes down... found a poor tiny little fly struggling to break free from the web.. I bet she was saying... funny... I flew through here this morning with no trouble... This little lady was about 4mm long tops...




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It's picked up all manner of ' flotsam and jetsam' in the last few hours...

Some tiny tiny Gnats and flies...


and the odd seed...



I'd had a meeting... don't like wearing a suit... some I came home to get changed... and thought I'd spend some 'quality time' with my Alrfid (the dog) in the garden... he didn't want to play ball... so I sat and read the paper... then went spider spotting...

To tell you the truth... I think Tris is spying on me... plus we've had some of my daughters dolls clothes pinched off the washing line... I was just 'having a nosey' to see if I was alone  ;):D :D

Stunningly clear pics mark, you should be a flower photo guy, how many pics did it take to get them that clear?  its intresting how a spider makes a web isnt it

Thanks Nick... about 80 I think mate  :-[:D :D :D - I find nature really interesting... it's amazing what goes on in your own back garden really...
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:D :D er... yeah....  :-[:-[

You know... don't you...

:'( :'(

STOP BLOODY CALLING ME MARY  >:( :'( :'( :'( :D :D

Nope, it makes me smile everytime I write it.....  :D :D ;) ;)  Anything else to add to The wild adventues of Mary? i mean marky, honest i do.........

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Thanks Kris...

With my camera  :-[:-\

:D :D :D

Seriously... on a tripod... with a macro lens... that's about it really  :-\

not bad marky most of the ones i take of flowers and insects are just using freehand and havent got any other lens for my one yet do you have any other lenses or just that one 
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