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MF (warning contains green)

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then get a good friend to order some carefully reproduced decals & apply & add some jeweled lights from a britain's deutz DX92 (larger than the 595 lights ) & take pics

note the camell on one side of the decals & a small tractor on the other , the Lybian script translates as "baby camel"

then show marky whats missing from his collection

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Oh wicked Marcus.... I hope you got two lots of decals made.... that's brilliant  :-*

That has to be the only green tractor I like love

i might be able to sort something ,as long as i can find another complete green 595  ;)

That's a nice little machine you got there good work!

thanks chap  :)

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:P - Oh well... I hope you can... woulkd be a great shame if it was just me who had one  :D :D :-*

wouldn't it just :D :D

You could do a cracking Howard style 290 with that mate.

you mean an export style  tractor ?

SEAN ..think i may have found use of those 275 decals  ;)

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Realy interesting Marcus. :)

hmm does lend itself to being something different Ol :)

Diffrent convo there marcus, never herd off or seen one of these

few years back in the day i remember seeing one at the royal show 83 /84 ? along with a white one with arabic decals, took pics & they didn't come out , forgot all about them till a few years ago i found a pic of a green massey  :o been wanting to do one ever since

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