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oh im sorry Brewinlge.....No the model is not brushed on....The picture is of the 1st run which went through a few teething problems.  I will assure you and the other members that the models are sprayed to a decent finish.  Thanks for your comment, but I have sold probably 500+ customised or scratch built models and nobody else seems to think they are brushed on.  Dont make me PM you!!!!!!! :o

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You havent answered the question, Which was asked in good faith, I think you are being a tad touchy maybe?

If you look at your photo I think you will see why I'm asking.

I thought the purpose of this forum was to share knowledge

The Cab is brushed to get the cavass effect over the crazed metal surface.

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Guys, remember, this forum is for sharing knowledge between members so you should expect some criticism, advice or help as well as the usual posting etc. from all members.  :) :)

Ian, i wouldn't take offence to a post like this, he was merely asking a question from his observation, as you also did.

Take this topic here as an example

http://www.britains-tractors.co.uk/forum/index.php?topic=4444.0, some criticism  :)

i hope you two can settle this small dispute peacefully  :) :)

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For the size of the item

firstly it would be extremely delicate in the post,  (please dont forget moslt of my models go through Royal Mail) unfortuantly I think some of the posties like to play football with some of the parcels when they are tossing it off!!

secondly.  How much really do people want to pay for a buckrake.  Yes I could put rams on it,  how many would I sell at ?30+.  Not as many at ?25. ;)

If you wish to put rams on, feel free.  I hope I have made a model which you can adapt if you so wish

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