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Lakeland Model Show at Rheged, Penrith


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So we went up to the Rheged Centre at Penrith for Harold Powlton's show. It was an excellent show, which seemed to be really well attended. We met a few more of the forum members, it was good to put a few more names to faces. I didn't actually count the displays or trade stands, but there was certainly more of both than last year. So here are pictures of some of the displays and trade stands as promised.

First of all its The Lancashire Lads and Lasses on Tour again!







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Now its the turn of Mr Sam Ashton from Hornby, who had a fantastic display entitled "Motorway Muckshifting in the 1950's and 60's" He based his collection on machines that he had actually worked with, on road and motorway contruction throughout the 50's and 60's up and down the country. I think this was my favourite display of the day, as it was shown by a very knowledgable and interesting enthusiast, who could actually relate times and dates and roads to individual models!







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Andrew Anderson from somewhere up there in Scotland - sorry Andrew but don't know where - brought his County display down. It was a little different this year as he had a harvesting theme rather than his usual forestry one, as well as his scratchbuilt buildings. Everything on his display has been fettled by him in some way.






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Mr Purdue himself - looking relaxed before the big Irish show, Amanda was hiding behind the shelves! It was a bit difficult trying to get a good shot of the DBP stand, because as usual it was a bit busy around there.



Now David Holden's stand of JCB's.



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And last but most certainly not least - we have the main man of the day Harold Powlton's 1/87th scale display.






I hope that you all enjoy these pictures, and I apologise if I have got any names wrong. The pictures don't seem to do the show justice, and I was not able to get near enough to the trade stands with the camera because of the crowds, but they were there I promise and doing good trade.

Finally congratulations and thank you to Harold for putting on an excellent show, and to everybody who attended.

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I have also uploaded a few pictures, 6 so far, to photobucket. Mine are not nearly as close up. Never used photobucket before so I guess if you do a search "lakeland model show" you might find them.  Judging from last post you can obviously create a link. Will have a go maybe tomorrow night


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Hello Damian,

Nice to meet you at the show, we just arrived home about 10 o'clock, thanks for putting up pics, I'll have a trawl through mine tomorrow to see if I can add any others, but looks like you have it pretty much covered.

Thoroughly enjoyed our day out again :) :) It was nice to meet up with some other forum members :)


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