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landrover 90 bull bar

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i guesed it was a bit big but was worth seen what people thought, i dont know if i want to go down the road of scratch building one :-\ i will paint it tomorro, i bet it will look smaller painted ;)  if people dont think casting them is worth it i will just glue this one on and keep it as a one off for myself ;)

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As above Mike really... cracking idea... lovely build... but the tubing is too big really I guess buddy  :-\

You could make a simple Front hoop out of that mind you... like this one...

Pic removed - we've seen it once already !

or an 'off-roader' high approach angle one like this one...

Pic removed as above  ::)

i could do but the idea was a work horse bull bar not a school run type ;)  may look at different ideas :-\
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Sorry Mike.. was only trying to be helpful... School runs indeed... I'll take you out one day and show you a shortcut to school... bring some clean pants wont you young man  ;):P

didnt see from the first pic it was your off road 90 :-[ just thought you were showing the school run type bar, second pic i see has a bar with a winch etc ;)

i was wanting a full width bar like most farm landies have on stock farms to protect the front end, not for show

i could look at making a bar but its abig job to get it to look right, all the bends etc

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no, not yet, im thinking seen as its stated its too big i will paint and glue onto my landi as a one off but if i do that i cant get it cast  ::) unsure what direction to take :-\

What about the brass tubing option Mike... You must be able to get some in the right size I reckon.... I've seen a little pipe bender in the Squires catalogue I am sure  :-\ - could be a useful little tool to own as well I reckon  ;)
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